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iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) Game Review

Garfield's Wild Ride


Format: iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Developer: Namco Bandai Games
RRP: £0.69
Age Restrictions: 12+
Release Date: 09 May 2013

Garfield is an average cat, apart for his love of lasagne, so it’s only appropriate that he is at his most active whilst asleep. Deep in REM Garfield dreams of flying and now, with a new game out for the iOS, you can help him on his way...

Garfield’s Wild Ride is a sideways scrolling game which puts you in charge of Garfield as he flies across the screen picking up coins, which can be cashed in for upgrades. Essentially free [69p], the game hopes to make its money by charging you for extras, it’s not needed, but it’s there if you want to progress quicker.

Review imageControlling Garfield is simplicity itself. Touch the screen and Garfield will raise off the ground, let go and he drifts back to the ground. Flying up and down allows you to collect coins and lasagne, but of course, things are not that easy. In your way are barriers, flying witches, UFO’s and bugs. Hit these and Garfield falls to the ground finishing your level and making you start from the beginning.

If you collect enough coins you can purchase clothing themes and special FX. From the menu you can choose from a number of different languages, turn both the music and sound off and on and reset the game.

The game is well detailed and the characters well drawn, as you progress through the game you get to play through different environments.

Although the game doesn’t offer up anything innovative, its bright and brash. What it does, it does well and is a pleasant way to while away some time.


Charles Packer

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