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Xbox 360 Game Review



Format: Xbox 360
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Developer: IndiePub
RRP: £6.85 (800 Microsoft Points)
Age Restrictions: 12+
Release Date: 05 July 2013

Feverishly blast through a hostile planet packed with blood-sucking aliens in Capsized, an action-packed survival shooter that combines innovative physics-based combat with nods to classic platform games. Navigate through perilous environments while fighting bloodthirsty creatures to save your crewmates and escape with your lives. Use a grappling hook, jet pack, space-age weapons and powerups to fight through more than a dozen non-linear levels with lush, explorable environments across multiple modes...

Capsized is a new retro scrolling arcade platform game that borrows from some classic games of yesteryear.

Review imageI don't know what happened, but on my first play through I was thrown in at the deep end and had to work out the controls on the fly. It wasn't easy and I almost gave up - I thought if this is what those that download the game are in for, then it's a pretty naff game. But after I was killed I went back to the main menu and started again... This time it was a totally different kettle of fish. I seemed to have ended up in a training level that quickly walks you through all the controls and gadgets you have at your disposal. This made much more sense and meant that I didn't have to randomly hit buttons to stay alive, or try and reach different levels.

At your disposal you have a variety of weapons but to be honest one would have been enough for most gamers, as it's a little tricky to remember which button to press to change weapon whilst in the heat of battle. You also have a jet pack, with a limited amount of fuel, and a grappling hook, which allows you to move objects or reach new areas.

Review imageIn the campaign mode, you have to work your way through 13 levels, disposing of the aliens and working out how to get past blockages. There is also a handful of arcade modes (which are gradually opened are you earn enough rewards in the campaign mode) which test your skills to the max as you battle against wave after wave of enemy or try and survive without weapons.

Whether you enjoy this game will come down to how much of a fan you are of this retro genre. Personally, it's not something I'm overly bothered about. I've played enough of these games over the years to be a little bored of the format. That said, if you're into this style of game Capsized will while away a few hours of your time.


Nick Smithson

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