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iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) Game Review

Baby Nom Nom


Format: iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
Publisher: Playrise Digital
Developer: Playrise Casual
RRP: £1.99
Age Restrictions: TBC
Release Date: 26 July 2013

A new IOS game, for the Iphone and Ipad, aims to raise money for the charity SOS Children’s Villages, an international organisation which aims to provide families for orphaned children, by entertaining and bamboozling you with its new puzzle based game.

Baby Nom Nom has a simple idea at its heart. From a puzzle box maze you have to rotate the box in an effort to get the rice out of the box and into the babies bowl.

Review imageSounds easy? Well the boxes are full of both traps and prizes for you to negotiate or collect. There are thirty-six puzzles spread over three worlds for you to play. The game adds a further level of difficulty by making you solve the puzzle in a specific time limit.

The game starts off fairly easily with the Dis-oriental level, a basic box within a box, with its corner cut out. You rotate the box with your finger to get the rice to fall out onto the surface of the outer box, rotate the puzzle once more and the rice will fall out and into the babies bowl.

A rotating maze game would be a pretty short lived affair, so to spice things up the game adds fruit to pick up, trap doors that require a key, lava traps and teleportation, all included to make your solution of the maze difficult. If that were not enough, you also have to get nearly all of the rice in the bowl to progress to another level.

There are in-game purchases which will make the game easier, including the ability to extend the time required to finish a level as well as the ability to purchase a larger bowl for the baby, there is little more frustrating than completing the maze only to drop a whole load of rice on the ground. All these things will not only make life easier, but money from your purchases will go to charity. If you don’t want to purchase any extras the game is still solvable, but you’re going to have to be insanely nimble and quick.

Overall, it is a good game raising money for a good cause.


Charles Packer

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