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Xbox 360 Game Review

Alien Rage


Format: Xbox 360
Publisher: CI Games
Developer: CI Games
RRP: £9.99 (1160 Microsoft Points)
Age Restrictions: 16+
Release Date: 18 October 2013

Alien Rage is an action-packed, hard-core first-person shooter that will have you facing off against armies of the nastiest alien forces ever encountered. Battle beastly-sized bosses relentlessly attacking you from every direction, hell-bent on taking you down. Tons of powerful dual-mode weapons, 14 intense levels, massive shootouts, destructible environments and over-the-top fast paced game play...

Review imageAlien Rage is a sci-fi FPS that sees you battling against increasingly more skilled and robust enemy aliens as you try to reach your goal aboard an alien space craft. The mission is immaterial, unless you really want to immerse yourself fully in this universe, what's important is that you get to blast aliens and lots of them. Okay, there's a bit of running around too, but it's mostly blasting aliens... which is always a good thing.

The game plays like a cross between Halo and Call of Duty (which I suppose is a comparison all sci-fi FPS are subjected to), but it is single player, offline only.

Review imageThere's one campaign mode and that's your lot. However, there's the added benefit of being able to replay the early levels to earn more points and unlock more player perks. These perks can be added to your character to give you additional benefits - like carrying more bullets or increasing the bullet capacity of your gun.

The guns you are carrying sometimes reset to the default load out after a cut sequence, which isn't a huge problem as I'm assuming this is to stop you carrying over high powered weapons to another section of the game. And this can also benefit you if you're out of ammo.

Review imageThere are neat little in game touches, like the fact the tip of the barrel of the gun starts to glow red the more you fire it. It goes back to normal if you let it cool down for a few seconds. While this adds nothing to the game, it shows the developers attention to detail.

There's enough new aliens and weapons introduced on a regular enough basis to ensure the game doesn't get boring. And, I was surprised to see that the levels didn't seem to repeat themselves. Only once did I get the feeling I'd been here before with the level design looking similar to something a little earlier.

For just under a tenner, you could do much worse than this if you're looking for a new and challenging FPS to master.


Darren Rea

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