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Lost Planet 3 (Original Soundtrack)


Composer: Jack Wall
Label: Lost in Sound Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 27 August 2013

Award-winning composer Jack Wall releases the soundtrack for Capcom's sci-fi action adventure video game Lost Planet 3 on his label, Lost In Sound Records. Wall is best known for his rich, cinematic scores found within popular titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Mass Effect 1 & 2, Myst III & IV, Splinter Cell: Pandora's Tomorrow and Jade Empire...

Those that have played and enjoyed Lost Planet 3 will already know how integral the music is to the game. And now Jack Wall's electronic score is available to buy. The first half of the album is made up of 'alien country music' while the second contains the conventional score.

I have to admit that when I first started listening to the 'alien country music' I didn't know what to make of it. I applauded Wall for his ingenious approach and execution of the tracks, but not being a country music fan I thought this segment of the album would be a little heavy going. Far from it, it was actually quite entertaining and extremely well presented.

The album kicks of with 'Hoedown Showdown', which sounds like your stereotypical hoedown track... but wait... what's this? It's actually quite infectious. 'A Long Way Home' is a country track, but it's instantly accessible to all and is actually a beautifully crafted track.

Other notable tracks on this segment of the album include 'Longing for Home' (which reminded me of 'Baby, I Love Your Way' by Peter Frampton); and 'Swamp Thing' (which brought to mind Jace Everett's 'Bad Things' which is used as the theme tune for True Blood).

Equally, when the main 'score' segment of the album kicked off I was a little concerned that the software being used was a little out of date. I've not heard these "sampled" instruments for a few years and it was particularly off putting, but after 'Lost Planet 3 Theme' I didn't really notice it again... and as that theme was particularly impressive it didn't really spoil it too much.

Other notable tacks include 'Snowcat Ride'; 'The Vorgg'; 'The Hiveen'; 'Isenberg' and the trippy 'The Forgotten'.

The entire album contains 37 tracks and lasts for 2 hr, 04 min, 21 sec. The first 17 tracks (1 hr, 02 min, 23 sec) come under the 'alien country music' banner, with the remaining 20 tracks (1 hr, 1 min, 58 sec) being made up of the conventional score.

If you're a fan of atmospheric and beautifully scored game soundtracks, then Lost Planet 3 will be right up your street.


Darren Rea

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