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Beyond: Two Souls (Original Game Score)


Composers: Normand Corbeil and Lorne Balfe
Label: TBC
Release Date: 08 October 2013

Sony's 2010 PS3 game Heavy Rain (developed by Quantic Dream) was a breath of fresh air in the stagnant gaming market. Three years on and the developer's latest game, Beyond: Two Souls, looks to be just as groundbreaking.

Normand Corbeil and Lorne Balfe's incredible score looks, at present, to only be available with the Special Edition version of the game, which is exclusively available for the PS3.

The score for Beyond: Two Souls was originally going to be written by Heavy Rain composer Corbeil, who sadly died in January of this year (2013). It's not clear how much of the score Balfe wrote from scratch or what amount of Corbeil's original music, or rough work survives, but tracks like 'Hunted' and 'Treason' sound very much in the same vein as Corbeil's previous work.

It's also apt, given the game's subject matter surrounding questions about what happens to us after death, that Corbeil and Balfe should co-work while one has left this realm and the other is still alive - two souls completing one masterpiece.

The soundtrack contains 16 tracks and lasts for approximately 45 minutes. It's not a surprise that this score is packed full of heartbreakingly beautifully themes and set pieces when you consider the creative musical talent involved.


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