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Dawning Promises


Composer: various
Label: Icon Trailer Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 08 October 2013

Icon Trailer Music releases its first commercial album. Featuring the impactful music that audiences have come to expect from trailers, Dawning Promises combines the sounds of a live orchestra with choir to produce an instrumental-based high energy and exciting album...

Icon Trailer Music was founded by veteran film and television composers Joel Goodman and Frederik Wiedmann. Dawning Promises features music by established trailer music composers, Los Angeles top call studio musicians and unique artists from around the world, making it a true international collaboration. The album features 20 tracks with around 48 minutes worth of music.

This is the sort of album I enjoy reviewing. Every single track is a crafted work of art that is designed to attack your senses on one level or another. There's no bland filler material to pad out the score to an acceptable length, this is packed full of all grade A, emotionally charged compositions.

There will be segments in most of the tracks where you'll swear blind you've heard the music before in some film or other - which is to be expected. All of the tracks are worthy of note, but I have to admit I had a particular soft spot for 'Eternal Honor' which, momentarily, reminded me of John Barry's work on Chaplin. 'Visions Of Grandeur' opens with a segment of music that is very similar to Víctor Reyes's 'Dear Margaret' from the soundtrack to Red Lights.

In style and delivery it's similar to Trailerhead: Triumph, with the exception that the tracks on Dawning Promises, while composed by individuals who normally write music for trailers, haven't been used on any movie trailers. This gives the music a slight edge in that the composers could create some truly original music without writing to a given set of visuals - they were allowed to let their creative talent run free. The end result is a breathtakingly beautiful album.


Darren Rea

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