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Exploding Sun
Original Television Soundtrack


Composer: James Gelfand
Label: MovieScore Media / Kronos Records
RRP: £13.99
MMS13015 / KRONCD029
Release Date: 26 November 2013

MovieScore Media and Kronos Records release James Gelfand’s score to the two-part television movie Exploding Sun. Following a catastrophic journey to space, the solar system is shaken by unusual activities that have a devastating effect on our planet. People all over the world struggle for survival while a couple of brave heroes try to stop the destruction even if they have to save their lives...

James Gelfand's score for Exploding Sun contains some powerful themes. The first track, 'Race Against Time' opens the album well with a tense, atmospheric segment of music.

There are numerous interesting themes woven across the 16 tracks (approximately 47 mins of music). 'Firing the Boosters' brought to mind Vangelis's score for Alexander.

The soundtrack's final two tracks ('Save the Earth' and 'The End') hold arguably this album's most interesting themes.

While it's by no means an essential score to add to your collection, there are enough interesting themes here to be make it worth while seeking out and giving it a listen.


Darren Rea

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