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El Tiempo Entre Costuras
Original Soundtrack


Composer: César Benito
Label: MovieScore Media / Kronos Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 10 December 2013

MovieScore Media / Kronos Records release César Benito’s score to the hit Spanish miniseries El Tiempo Entre Costuras (also known as The Time In Between). Based on the bestseller by María Dueñas, this 11-part Spanish mini-series is set during the Spanish Civil War and World War II as a seamstress becomes a sought after designer for the wives of Nazi officers while she also acts as a secret agent, helping the Allied forces with information gathered from her clients.

Benito turns in a magnificent score - with some genuinely moving themes. The album contains 25 tracks, with a running time of approximately 1 hr, 10 mins. There are so many intricate themes that there's always something new and beautiful to discover on repeat listening.

Personal highlights include 'Tema de Sira'; 'Madrid, 1922'; 'Sus Pupilas Clavadas en las Mias'; 'Al Borde del Abismo'; 'Entre Costuras'; 'Tension en el Protectorado Español'; and 'Final abierto (Tema de Sira)'.

While the theme at the core of 'Tema de Sira' is the most memorable segment of music (mainly because it's woven throughout this score), it was the main theme at the heart of 'Tension en el Protectorado Español' that was actually the most beautiful.

If you're a fan of classically scored themes then you'll get a huge blast out of El Tiempo Entre Costuras.


Darren Rea

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