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The Thirteenth Tale
Original Television Soundtrack


Composer: Benjamin Wallfisch
Label: MovieScore Media / Kronos Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 30 December 2013

MovieScore Media / Kronos Records release Benjamin Wallfisch’s score for the BBC drama television film, The Thirteenth Tale, starring Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave and Olivia Colman. Adapted from Diane Setterfield’s best–selling novel, The Thirteenth Tale is a haunting psychological mystery set in the modern day, with poignant flashbacks starting in 1940. The disturbing story begins when a young female biographer, Margaret, sets out to interview a legendary writer whose health is fading. Vida Winter has, until now, refused to divulge the dark secrets of her life and past at Angelfield, her childhood home. An unlikely shared empathy is cultivated between the two women, and Vida’s story forces Margaret to finally confront her own ghosts...

Benjamin Wallfisch's score for The Thirteenth Tale represents a collection of creepy, eerie tracks that are designed to add much atmosphere to the TV series. Usually soundtracks like this don't really work outside of the show/movie they are composed for, but The Thirteenth Tale has enough well written themes to make it worthy of your attention.

Sure there are more than a handful of tracks that don't work quite so well when listened to on their own, as they're designed to sit in the background of the show, but there are far more tracks that do work as standalone pieces of music.

Personal highlights include 'Baby Twins'; 'Isabelle'; 'Hester Investigates'; 'The Fire'; 'Ghost'; and 'Wolf in the Room - End Credits'. The album contains 17 tracks (39 min).


Darren Rea

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