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The Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy
Location Guidebook


Author: Ian Brodie
Publisher: Harper Collins
RRP: £16.99
ISBN: 978 1 77534 026 7
Publication Date: 20 November 2014

With the advent of the last film in the Hobbit Trilogy currently doing the rounds, it is time for a cavalcade of tie-in merchandise, with only the idea of a film novelisation being unlikely. Of the various types of books, one of the more novel creations is a guidebook which takes you around all of the filming locations and more.

In The Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy Location Guidebook (2014. 176 pages), author Ian Brodie uses Peter Jackson's films to provide a travel guide to New Zealand’s islands, concentrating, although not exclusively, on where the films were shot.

The book is printed on gloss paper which showcases the picture heavy content rather well. Across the guide you are provided with a modicum of shots from the film, mostly you have gorgeous single and double page spreads of the countryside of the North and South islands, taking in around one hundred locations.

Each location is accompanied with text to tell you where the location was used in the film, although if you are like me you will look at the pictures and have a Middle Earth name pop into your head. If it had left it there it would still be an attractive book to own, but the book's purpose takes it further.

Contained within each location are snippets, quotes from stars and crew as well as the longitude and latitude of the location. Each is accompanied with a small map detailing the surrounding area, details as to the distance from a major town or city and information of both restaurants and hotels, including any web addresses.

It is obvious from the level of information provided that the book is designed for people who actually wish to visit and experience a taste of Middle Earth. As well as the film locations, the book also takes in places where production facilities are located, providing a well rounded feeling.

Through the six films, New Zealand has become visually synonymous with the beauty and magnificence of Middle Earth and this book is worth considering as a jumping off place if you are lucky enough to be able to visit New Zealand. And if not, like me, you can just marvel at the almost ethereal beauty of the New Zealand countryside.


Charles Packer

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