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PS3 Game Review

Legend of Kay


Format: PS3
Publisher: Nordic Games
Developer: Neon Studios
RRP: £3.99
Age Restrictions: 12+
Release Date: 31 January 2014

Sony has promised that they will be making more of their PS One and PS2 games available to download on the PSN and the latest to be released is the Legend of Kay, which originally appeared on the PS2. I’m guessing that the game has been recoded as it’s a full download, rather than the streaming envisioned for the PS4, but on the downside the makers haven’t seen fit to include trophies.

Review imageYou get to play a hot-headed young cat whose lands have been invaded by a gorillas and rats. His people used to follow The Way, which allowed them to live in peace and prosperity, but as younger generations moved away from the spiritual beliefs of their forefathers the lands of Yenching, declined and were finally taken over.

Kay, who wants to reclaim his home, is reliant on his alcoholic mentor, once a great warrior, now he is more interested in finding solace at the bottom of a bottle. Even so, Kay undertakes a series of trials, growing in power, until he feels ready to leave his village. His journey takes him across many lands where he has to interact with dragons, frogs and hares before finally reaching the city of the pandas.

As an action RGP, you get equal amounts of exploration and baddie bashing. There are puzzles along the way, but they are not hard and never seem to interrupt the flow of the story. Visually the game has obviously aged and it does not appear to have had a HD upgrade, but I could be wrong as I don’t have the original for reference. That said it still remains a good looking game, I’ve seen more modern games which have looked worse. The controls are intuitive and I never once had to refer to a manual.

Review imageAlthough a little long in the tooth, the game still has much to offer, especially during combat as our hero is able to engage in some impressive acrobatics. These take a little time to master, but once done allow you to even take on aerial opponents. Kay can also ride various animals throughout the game, but this is a frantic hit and miss section. There are sign posts but they come at you so quickly that it might take a couple of practice runs to complete each section. Not that this matters as there appears to be no punishment for getting it wrong.

So fun, frantic and pretty darn cheap, Legend of Kay will have you gaming for some considerable hours.


Charles Packer

Review image

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