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PS4 Game Review

Surgeon Simulator
Anniversary Edition


Format: PS4
Publisher: Bossa Studios Limited
Developer: Bossa Studios Limited
RRP: £8.99
Age Restrictions: 18+
Release Date: 13 August 2014

There are not that many games which make a positive out of poor controls and yet Surgeon Simulator is one such beast. Now, if you’re looking for some deeply detailed simulation, you’re looking in the wrong place. The game does support local co-op, but there is no online option.

Review imageReleased for the PS4 the sim has you literally lending a helping hand to a surgeon who can barely tie his own shoelaces let alone perform a heart transplant. The is where the less than perfect control interface comes into its own as you try and pick up various instruments, careful not to stab yourself with the needle as the whole game gets a little psychedelic if you do.

The game opens upon a desk, on which is a clipboard which gives you access to the operations, trophies and options. Also in front of your hand is a computer, this is not to be ignored as it shows a run through of the range of motions available to your hand. There are a variety of objects on the desk for you to practice your dexterity, but remember the aim of the game is to foul up the operation for comedic purposes.

Review imageThe options are fairly basic, letting you control the volume of the sound fx and the music. Here you can also choose to use either the motion sensor or the joy stick to control the hand. The game also allows you to choose between using a left or right hand. And if you have one you can control the game with the PlayStation camera, certainly the most preferable way to play the game. Back to the main menu and you can look up which of the fifty plus trophies you have achieved.

The game does not spend time easing you into it as your first operation is a heart transplant on some poor soul called Bob. Click the begin surgery and you are presented with the head and torso of said Bob. Removing the cover reveals that Bob has already been cut open, all you have to do is carve your way through his rib cage, remove the old heart, replace it with a new one before the poor fellow bleeds to death, Bob will bleed to death a lot while you try and master the operation.

Review imageThere are a number of pieces of equipment for you to try including a drill, a hammer, a saw, various scalpels and needles. Grabbing anything on the table is frustratingly difficult and even if you can do this with some success then actually using the instrument without carving great chunks out of Bob becomes difficult. Like I said, Bob is destined to die many times over before you even get past the first operation.

Ok, at its most basic, whatever part of poor Bob you're trying to replace the dark humour comes from seeing various parts of his anatomy flying around the room. How long this remains funny will really depend on the player’s sense of humour and their desire to engage in a little medical malpractice.


Charles Packer

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