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Xbox 360 Game Review

MX vs ATV: Supercross


Format: Xbox 360
Publisher: Nordic Games
Developer: Rainbow Studios
RRP: £29.99
Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 26 October 2014

MX vs. ATV: Supercross is the sixth game in the series and brings players the ultimate in dirt bike action, featuring a host of game modes, customisation options and everyone’s favourite riders, old and new...

For those that have followed this franchise religiously and were worried with the bankruptcy of the original publisher THQ (1989 - 2012) this release will come as a welcome surprise. In fact, with its lower than usual RRP I was wondering whether it was originally in development before THQ closed down.

Review imageThe dated looking graphics, rather odd physics and being released when most gamers have, or are planning to, move to the next generation of gaming consoles, all point to a game that is being sneaked out to recoup some losses.

However, trading on a well established franchise's good name is no good if what you're peddling is half baked. And that seems to be the problem here.

I had many issues with it. After playing, and enjoying most of the previous games I was eager to play this. Sadly I got as far as my second race... and I have to admit that if I'd bought this with my own money, I'd have stopped there and traded it in.

Firstly your vehicle acts rather strangely in the environment. You can, and do, get thrown in a ridiculous course on occasion when you perform a jump. Usually this sees you heading straight into one of the large padded barriers. This normally happens when you're in the lead and allows one of your competitors to overtake you. On occasion I also spotted the other riders cutting corners and cheating - something that you can't do without being penalised.

Review imageThere's no freeworld option or fun game modes, all you get here are stadium races... which after a while all blur into one. You can play a single race; online multiplay; or career mode.

To be honest, there's just not enough variety to keep you going back for more. Yes you can customise your vehicles and yes you can perform tricks (good luck working that out on your own, as there are no in game instructions on how to do this), but this just feels like a game that wasn't finished and has been rejigged to make it appear like a full game. Even hardcore fans will find this a bit of a disappointment.


Nick Smithson

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