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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composers: The Newton Brothers
Label: Screamworks Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 15 April 2014

Screamworks Records releases The Newton Brothers score for Proxy, a chilling Hitchcockian thriller co-written and directed by Zack Parker. The story follows Esther Woodhouse, a pregnant mother who is attacked by a hooded man in a needless fight. When she joins a support group where everyone seems kind and helpful at first, Esther soon learns that her new friends, including the eager Melanie Michaels are not what they really seem...

Being a Hitchcockian thriller, it's no surprise that the musical route that The Newton Brothers have taken owes a lot to the work of Bernard Herrmann. This is about as far removed from their recent work on Oculus as it's possible to get. There are no filler tracks here, and this works well as a standalone score.

Part Herrmann, part classical score, Proxy is a delight to listen to from start to finish. This is backed with memorable and haunting themes. Tracks like 'Delusions of Torture' are eerie, whilst tracks like 'Hymn for Peyton' are incredibly deep and beautiful.

The album contains 17 tracks (40 min) and will delight fans of classic suspense scores.


Darren Rea

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