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The Machine
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Tom Raybould
Label: MovieScore Media
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 22 April 2014

MovieScore Media releases Tom Raybould's BAFTA Cymru-winning score for The Machine, the action/thriller written and directed by Caradog W. James. The story is set in a dystopian future where Britain's Ministry of Defence (MoD) wages a never ending war with China. Scientists Vincent and Ava are tasked with developing the world's first artificially intelligent robotic soldier which sounds and looks like a human, but has amazing strength, speed, and agility. When the new robot is taken over by the ministry for training purposes, the child-like AI gets traumatized by the brutal training and uses its abilities for self-preservation by taking over the MoD’s research facility...

Tom Raybould's music for The Machine is an electronic score that packs a futuristic punch. Technically it's flawless, and well designed for the movie's subject. However, it's another one of those scores that is a bit lacking when listened to outside the film. While there are some interesting themes, on the whole there are a few too many atmospheric tracks.

There's an obvious Vangelis inspiration running throughout this album. 'The Machine Fights' and 'The Machine' pays homage to the 'End Titles' from Vangelis's score for Blade Runner. While tracks like 'Arms' bring to mind some of the atmospheric moments from the same film.

'The End' showcases Raybould's most haunting and beautiful theme. If electronic, action adventure scores are your thing you'll love this.


Darren Rea

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