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Centurions of the Moon
Original Score


Composer: Zaalen Tallis
Label: MovieScore Media
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 13 May 2014

MovieScore Media presents the unique cinematic concept album Centurions of the Moon, the third such experiment produced by Tom Hoover and composer Zaalen Tallis. The cinematic concept album has no corresponding movie, rather it’s a story fuelled by the epic, cinematic underscore that brings the story to life. Centurions of the Moon tells the tale of Rome's famed Serpent Legion who are abducted one night by mysterious sirens from another world. The Ashas, as they are known, had systematically lost their men due to a devastating conflict that they were now on the brink of losing. The Serpent Legion were now tasked with fighting this war for them - which would be the only way they would be allowed to return home...

Zaalen Tallis's music for Centurions of the Moon is a work of pure beauty. I always enjoy reviewing concept albums of this type as the end result is always a score that is a labour of love for the composer. Unlike when composing for film or TV, concept albums are first and foremost about the music; there's no tweaking a segment to fit a scene - with a concept album the composer can pour their heart into their music.

In scope, it reminded me of Penka Kouneva's multi-layered A Warrior's Odyssey; another concept album I love.

With Centurions of the Moon there's even a PDF booklet that chronicles the story that the music is designed to accompany (broken down track by track). Personally the story did nothing for me, and I felt it actually detracted from the music. But for those that like everything put into some sort of context this wraps everything up in a neat little package.

There are a number of themes woven throughout the 20 tracks (42 min, 56 sec). The album opens with 'Centurions of the Moon', which houses an action/adventure style theme that sets the scene for what is to come.

There are beautiful sections in so many tracks, but I have to give particular credit to 'Welcome To Asha'; 'Flesh And Steel'; 'The Rezeks'; 'Battle Plans' and 'Victorious' as those containing the most memorable themes.

But this is an album that needs to be heard as a whole. This is a beautiful album and will provide hours of pleasure.


Darren Rea

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