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Never Had Enough (EP)


Artist: Carnival Youth
Label: Black and White Music
RRP: £2.99
Release Date: 21 July 2014

Latvian teenagers Carnival Youth release their debut EP Never Have Enough. The fresh faced hopefuls demonstrate an artful fusion of the ascetics of folk music with an alternative indie-pop edge; drawing comparisons to the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club...

As debut EPs go, they don't come more impressive than this. Carnival Youth's Never Have Enough includes 5 tracks (19 min, 51 sec). There's an infectious vibe here and it's difficult not to be impressed by this indie band.

The release kicks off with the quirky 'Octopus' which opens the EP with a bang. This is followed by the more laid back 'Brown Eyes and All the Rest'. The final track, 'Never Had Enough', is easily the strongest here but to be honest all five tracks are enjoyable.

It's impressive how the group have hit the ground running. Most bands only manage to accomplish this level of output on a second or third album, if at all. There's a confidence to the writing and performing that usually comes with years of playing live.

The only problem is tracking it down: It didn't appear to be available on any of the online retailers (other than iTunes in America).


Nick Smithson