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Soundtrack Review

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Atlas Shrugged III: Who Is John Galt?
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Elia Cmiral
Label: Atlas Productions
RRP: £13.99
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8 10556 02063 2
Release Date: 12 September 2014

Atlas Productions release Elia Cmiral's score for Who Is John Galt?, the third and final film of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy. After twelve years of suffering mysterious disappearances of society's most-productive, the nation’s economy is on the verge of collapse. In response, the government pursues policies imposing even greater brutality against those remaining. One man has the answer. One woman determined to keep the world running stands in his way. He swore by his life. She swore to stop him...

I have to be honest and admit that not only have I not seen any of the Atlas Shrugged movies, but I've no idea what they are about either (for shame). To be honest I don't care. I reviewed Elia Cmiral's score for the first movie in the trilogy and loved it. So, it was no surprise to discover that the music for the third film was equally as enjoyable.

The album contains 15 tracks (45 min, 04 sec) of incredibly intricate and heart warming themes. Highlight include 'The Oath'; 'I Want You Here (which is a continuation of the main theme in 'The Oath'); the edge of your seat 'Stadler's Choice'; arguably this album's most beautiful track 'Moving the Trains'; the bitter sweet 'Remembering Cherryl'; and the epic 'The Beginning' which leaves us wanting more.

So another incredibly powerful and beautiful score by Cmiral. It's certainly one that should be on your essential purchase list this year.


Darren Rea