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Original Motion Picture Score


Composer: Rob
Label: Lakeshore Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 04 November 2014

Lakeshore Records release Rob's score for Horns. Ig Perrish is accused for the violent rape and killing of his girlfriend, Merrin Williams. After a hard night of drinking, Ig awakens, hung over, to find horns growing out of his head; they have the ability to drive people to confess sins and give in to selfish impulses. Ig decides to use this effective tool to discover the circumstances of his girlfriend's death and to seek revenge by finding the true murderer...

Rob's score for Horns contains 22 tracks (42 min, 09 sec) and represents some interesting and beautiful themes and set pieces. Rob is a French musician and composer born in Caen. In addition to his composer career, he is a touring member and studio musician for the band Phoenix.

The opening track, 'Bad Red', reminded me of Danny Elfman's score for Edward Scissorhands. In fact, there were quite a few Elfman-esque gothic moments throughout this interesting album. In addition 'Snakes' reminded me of James Horner's scores for the Star Trek movies.

'Vinyl Memory' and 'Bad Red Reprise' are just two of the highlights; slow, beautiful builds that will rattle around in your head for days to come. These track represent something a little different. Sure, there are more beautiful themes present on the album (like the main them that is housed in several tracks including 'Last Forrest' and 'Iggy’s Death', but it's always refreshing to hear something a little out of the ordinary.

It's an enjoyable score, and one that's worth seeking out.


Darren Rea

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