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Manufacturer: Thumbs Up!
RRP: £12.99
5 060280 494369
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Half man, half cyborg, the ThumbsUp! Robocup mug makes one full, mean crime busting cuppa. Sit back and enjoy your brew, whilst looking like a nasty criminal catching machine...

The ThumbsUp! Robocup is a well designed ceramic mug that is very pleasing on the eye. It's an essential drinking vessel for anyone who is a Robocop nut.

The mug measures 9.3 cm in diameter and 10 cm in height and will hold quite a large volume of your favourite beverage. This isn't a mug for those who like to raise their little finger while delicately sipping their drink of choice, no this is a butch, no-nonsense mug that will put hairs on your chest... Okay, it won't. I may be milking this a bit too much.

There's not much more to say other than this is a well manufactured, strong and detailed mug that is worth adding to your collection.


Darren Rea

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