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Unofficial Doctor Who
The Big Book of Lists


Author: Cameron K. McEwan
Illustrator: Andrew Skilleter
Publisher: Race Point Publishing
RRP: £12.99, US $21.99, Cdn $23.99
ISBN: 978 1 631060 42 7
Publication Date: 07 May 2015

Lists are something which permeates most people’s lives, whether for purely practical reasons or just for fun. Likewise, there a plethora of genre fans which like nothing better than to browse through books containing list of facts from their favourite show.

Unofficial Doctor Who: The Big Book of Lists (2015. 255 pages), by Cameron K. McEwan is the latest in a line of such books for the show, containing the sort of thing which is generally to be found in the annuals.

McEwan has embarked on an attempt to present in the region of one thousand facts about the show, which are both novel and for long term fans, hopefully obscure. Obviously the book is not meant to be read in a single sitting and although it is sectioned into six major headings it's at its most pleasurable when you just randomly open a page. The book also contains quiz section for you to test out your own Who knowledge.

The book is heavily illustrated throughout by veteran illustrator Andrew Skilleter and like most art work this will be a matter of personal choice, personally I find that his use of light and shade on faces can, on occasion, be a bit too heavy handed

Each list comes with a little introduction to explain its creation and McEwan is not above standing up for his own personal preferences. Overall, the whole thing is well laid out and obvious thought has gone into its construction.

That’s it in a nutshell; it is what it is, a shiny big book of lists covering the show from its inception to the end of Matt Smith's run, with a smattering of Peter Capaldi.


Charles Packer

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