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In the Flesh
Original Soundtrack


Composer: Edmund Butt
Label: Silva Screen Records
RRP: £13.99
SILCD1468 (CD), SILED1468 (download)
Release Date: 27 April 2015

Silva Screen Records release Edmund Butt's hauntingly romantic score to BAFTA Award winning BBC3 supernatural apocalypse series In the Flesh. In the wake of a zombie outbreak the government introduce a programme to rehabilitate the infected bringing together a wide range of characters and some quintessential British humour...

Edmund Butt's score for In the Flesh incorporates some beautiful themes (most notably in tracks like 'Back to Roarton' and 'The Second Coming') but there are quite a few atmospheric background filler tracks that are a little dull to listen to outside of the show ('PDS' being the most obvious example).

Other notable tracks include the heartbreaking 'My Beautiful Mother' and 'The Outsider', which opens with a piano segment before opening out into a more beautiful collection of themes.

In addition to the score there are three vocal tracks all performed by Keaton Henson ('Corpse Roads', 'Charon' and 'You').

It's an interesting album, and certainly one that lovers of beautiful, melancholic scores will appreciate.


Darren Rea

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