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Composer: Timo Chen
Label: Good Neighbors Media
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 24 July 2015

Good Neighbors Media release Timo Chen's score for Advantageous. The movie focuses on Gwen Koh, a single mother, whose aspirations for her daughter drive her to the precipice of a fraught decision. The Centre’s newest and untested health procedure offers Gwen a dangerous, life-altering chance to continue her career. To weigh her options, Gwen attempts to reconnect with an estranged relative, but as seems standard for all in this dystopian landscape, Gwen remains alienated and alone. Through this allegorical structure, Advantageous intelligently investigates present-day society’s perspectives on femininity and motherhood and how they intersect with questions of beauty, surveillance and the economy...

Timo Chen's score for Advantageous has a subtle near future sci-fi feel to it. The score incorporates 23 tracks (42 min, 17 sec) and in truth, it's more of a soundtrack you'll want to put on in the background while you have a chill out session.

The music borders on being music to meditate to, especially tracks like the trippy 'Pier'. As an album of music in its own right, it does have a beautiful quality to it, but it's not overly overflowing with themes or memorable moments.

While, on the whole, I enjoyed the music, it's not something I'd dig out to listen to very often.


Darren Rea

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