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Sharknado 3
Oh Hell No!
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Artists: Camper Van Beethoven, Eddie Cole, Quint, East Bay Ray, Dave Days, et al.
Label: Lakeshore Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 14 August 2015

Lakeshore Records releases the various artists soundtrack to Sharknado 3. From songs including Justin Lassen’s EDM Remix of the 'Jaws Theme', 'Shark Rain' performed by Eddie Cole, and 'Long Way to Go (Sharknado)' performed by Camper Van Beethoven the label has assembled a soundtrack that is the perfect accompaniment to the third movie in the trilogy...

The soundtrack to Sharknado 3 wasn't quite what I was expecting. After Ramin Kousha's score for the first film and Chris Ridenhour and Christopher Cano's music for the second movie, I was expecting something similar from this album. However, this time around the filmmakers have opted for a soundtrack mainly comprised of rock-based songs. All, I presume, especially created for the movie.

The end result is quite fun and will certainly appeal to the movie's cult followers. Everything is handled tongue in cheek, as you'd expect, and there are some memorable gems here: particularly Daniel Davies and Sebastian Robertson's 'Wave Of Mutilation'; Dave Days's 'Shark Fight'; and Quint's 'Crash'.

The album contains 13 tracks (37 min, 19 sec).

Track Listing:

01 - '(The Ballad Of) Sharknado' - Quint
02 - 'Wave Of Mutilation' - Daniel Davies and Sebastian Robertson **
03 - 'Long Way to Go (Sharknado)' - Camper Van Beethoven *
04 - 'Shark Rain' - Eddie Cole **
05 - 'Shark Fight' - Dave Days *
06 - 'Shark Beach' - East Bay Ray *
07 - 'Armageddon Surfer Girl, Rock On' - Martin Luther Lennon
08 - 'Infinite Ocean' - Camper Van Beethoven *
09 - 'Jaws Theme (Justin Lassen Remix)' - Justin Lassen **
10 - 'Shark Attack' - Barnaby Austin **
11 - 'Shark Truck' - East Bay Ray *
12 - 'That’s When I Reach For My Revolver' - Geno Lenardo and Nina Bergman *
13 - 'Crash' – Quint *

* Exclusive New Original Song
** Exclusive New Version


Darren Rea

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