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Outlander: The Series
Original Television Soundtrack, Vol. 2


Composer: Bear McCreary
Artists: Raya Yarbrough and Gillebrìde MacMillan
Label: Madison Gate Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 25 September 2015

Madison Gate Records release Bear McCreary's original music for Outlander: Original Television Soundtrack, Vol. 2. The soundtrack contains original music and period-accurate song adaptations by McCreary from across season one of the Outlander television series, with a focus on the last eight episodes. In response to demand from fans, the album also includes 'Wool Waulking Songs' - a pair of traditional folk songs performed on camera, a cappella, by Outlander cast members. In addition, the album features a new folk recording by renowned Gaelic singer Gillebrìde MacMillan...

I wasn't overly impressed by the first volume of music from Outlander, but I have to say that this second volume is a bit of an improvement. The album contains 15 tracks (1 hr, 05 min) of music from the show.

Sadly, I wasn't a fan of the vocal tracks, particularly 'Wool Waulking Songs', which is performed by some of the cast. However, it appears that fans of the show have been requesting it appear on this new album, hence its inclusion.

It's another album that will be embraced and cherished by the show's loyal fans. However, for soundtrack collectors there are only a handful of tracks worthy of your attention ('Fort William Rescue'; 'Tale of the Tusks'; and 'Setting Sail').

Track listing:

01 - 'Outlander - The Skye Boat Song (Extended)' (feat. Raya Yarbrough)
02 - 'Fort William Rescue'
03 - 'The Summoning' (feat. Raya Yarbrough)
04 - 'The Key to Lallybroch'
05 - 'On the Road'
06 - 'An Fhìdeag Airgid' (feat. Gillebrìde MacMillan)
07 - 'The Devil’s Mark'
08 - 'To the Begging I Will Go'
09 - 'To Wentworth'
10 - 'Tale of the Tusks'
11 - 'Tracking Jamie'
12 - 'Wool Waulking Songs'
13 - 'Charge of the Highland Cattle'
14 - 'Hand Surgery'
15 - 'Setting Sail' (feat. Raya Yarbrough)


Darren Rea

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