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Music from the Television Series Sherlock


Composers: David Arnold and Michael Price
Performed by: Meridian Studio Ensemble
Label: BuySoundtrax Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 04 December 2015

BuySoundtrax Records release it's compilation album of music from the first three seasons of the BBC TV series Sherlock. The album features original recordings, arranged and produced by Dominik Hauser...

I'll admit that I was not a huge fan of the music for Sherlock when the original scores were released individually. There just wasn't enough interesting material for each season to pad out each CD. So when this release popped into my inbox for review I wasn't really looking forward to not only relistening to music I'd already heard and not really enjoyed, but listening to new arrangements by someone not involved with the original project.

However, Dominik Hauser has gone through all three seasons and, with the aid of the Meridian Studio Ensemble, lovingly collected together 22 tracks (58 min, 03 sec) of the show's highlights. For me, this was a much better collection than the original releases.

Yes, I know you're not supposed to say this, but I really did prefer Hauser's 'best of' collection over the originals. I wasn't much of a fan of the original scores, but what Hauser delivers here is almost a magical transformation of the music. In fact, while there was little I added to my playlist from the original scores, there was plenty I added from this compilation.

Take for example 'SHERlocked'. Hauser's version is a little more understated in parts where it needs to be and a little more energetic in others. Likewise 'The Woman' sounds more powerful and clearer than the original (not to mention toning down the out of place sounding haunting noise at its conclusion).

This is one of those rare collections that will appeal to both those that already own the original music as well as those that have never heard it before.

Hauser really does a remarkable job of condensing the essential themes of the series onto one album. It's obvious he's a huge fan of the original work, or at the very least made it his job to get to know the original music intimately. The end results speak for itself. This is a beautiful collection of intricate themes that should be in every soundtrack fan's collection.


Darren Rea

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