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Childhood's End
Original Mini-Series Soundtrack


Composer: Charlie Clouser
Label: Lakeshore Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 11 December 2015

Lakeshore Records release Charlie Clouser's score for the TV mini-series Childhood's End. The show follows the peaceful invasion of Earth by the alien Overlords, who promise to eliminate poverty, war and sickness – ushering in a golden age of peace, health and security for all of humankind. But why do the Overlords insist on hiding their appearance – and what do they ultimately want from Earth? While much of the world enjoys its newfound utopia, some suspect there’s a price to pay. As the truth about the Overlords’ intentions are revealed, humanity will discover its actual destiny may actually be a nightmare, instead of a dream...

Charlie Clouser's score for Childhood's End incorporates a number of interesting themes. On the whole, though, the soundtrack is made up of atmospheric background music. Usually, in my book, that's a bad thing, but here Clouser uses it to really help build suspense. It's just as effective outside of the show as it is when accompanying it.

Take 'Chose You' as an example. The track starts off simple, but slowly builds to incorporate an interesting theme.

The album includes 20 tracks (1 hr, 07 min, 36 sec) with notable tracks including the beautiful 'Baby Jennifer'; 'Coming Back' (which builds slowly to a beautiful crescendo); and the rather eerie 'Dying Earth'.

It's a subtle score that holds quiet a few surprises in store for those that enjoy mellow, laid back music.


Darren Rea

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