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Star Wars
R2-D2 Kitchen Timer


Manufacturer: Bluw Ltd
RRP: £19.99
4 897021 357369
Available now

Whether counting down to dinnertime, or tracking the approach of the Death Star, this little astromech droid will be your accurate kitchen assistant. Set R2-D2's dome to the time you require for your tasks, and the alarm will ring when the countdown reaches zero...

The R2-D2 Kitchen Timer is perfect gift for the Star Wars nut in your life. There's not really a lot to it, it uses exactly the mechanism involved for any other kitchen timer. So, some fans may be disappointed that RD-D2 doesn't beep of whistle when the time is up; we get the standard bell ringing that comes with almost all formats.

Still, it's nicely detailed and will look cool sitting on your kitchen work top. It's quite large for a kitchen timer, being 14cm (approx) tall.

While it's far from an essential purchase, those wanting to spice up their bachelor pad would be foolish not to pick this up.


Nick Smithson

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