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The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)


Starring: Peter Sellers, Christopher Plummer, Catherine Schell and Herbert Lom
Distributor: Fabulous Films / Fremantle Media Enterprises
RRP: £14.99

Certificate: PG
Release Date: 11 January 2016

The "Pink Panther Diamond" is stolen with only one clue left behind - a white glove, the trademark of the world-renowned jewel thief The Phantom. Believed to be retired, he immediately becomes the chief suspect on Inspector Clouseau's list. But Clouseau’s bumbling antics push his boss over the edge and he sets out to murder Clouseau to get rid of him once and for all...

The Return of the Pink Panther (1975) was the fourth movie in the series. To be honest I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did - even Peter Sellers early death in 1980 couldn't stop more of them being churned out. The series limped on until 1993 before it was resurrected in 2006 and 2009 with Steve Martin in the role of Clouseau. In total there were 11 movies produced between 1964 and 2009.

I remember watching these movies as a child and enjoying them... but they've not aged overly well. Sellers's bumbling slapstick Clouseau becomes very annoying very quickly and his "little yellow skin" jibes at Cato (Burt Kwouk) will no doubt be frowned up on by a more modern audience. Once is bad enough, but Clouseau does it on at least two separate occasions.

While the production values stand up well (the opening scene in the museum is well handled, as is the segment where the jewel thief grabs the Pink Panther diamond) the comedy hasn't matured with time.

One for young children who will get a chuckle or two out of Clouseau's over the top antics.


Darren Rea

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