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iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) Game Review

Fire Fu


Format: iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
Publisher: Channel 4
RRP: £1.49
Age Restrictions: 9+
Release Date: 24 February 2016

Fire Fu is an intense and frenzied arcade game where you must set alight hordes of devilish critters with fierce and fiery martial arts. With fire at your fingertips, unleash scorching attacks and frazzle waves of enemies with speed and accuracy, leaving behind nothing but smouldering ash! Unleash the Fire Fu! Flame-up and prepare for a barbecue like never before...

Review imageFans of games like Fruit Ninja will feel right at home with Fire Fu. The gameplay is simple: Various critters move across the screen and, using your finger or stylus, you can make a trail of fire appear on the screen. As the fire comes into contact with the critters they burn up and give you points. Some beasties can be dispatched with a single touch, while others require a little more time to turn to ashes. The fire doesn't last forever, so you need to keep removing your finger from the screen and pressing down again to unleash more fire.

The game is fast and furious as you only have a limited time, but should a certain character appear you can gain a few more valuable seconds (or double points) by burning it. There is one danger in the guise of a flying bomb that appears from time to time. If your fire trail hits that then you lose 50 points.

At the end of each game your score is displayed along with your personal best, so you can see if you can beat it. In addition you have the ability to upload your score to your Twitter or Facebook page. You can also check how you rank against the rest of the online players, as well as your friends.

Review imageTo help you gain bigger and better scores a number of potions and boss critters are unlockable. Once you've unlocked each potion you can use it (for a small ingame credit fee) in your next game. These potions do various things, but they're all designed to help you kill more beasts for a limited time. The boss monsters, once unlocked, will randomly appear in the game and if you can kill them (it takes a lot of flame power) you gain a bigger points bonus.

It's fast, it's fun and it's very addictive. The only slight downside is that it's really easy to unlock all the potions and boss monsters and once you've done that there's little to push you to keep playing (other than to beat your own and your friends current best score).


Nick Smithson

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