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PS4 Game Review



Format: PS4
Publisher: Curve Digital Publishing Limited
Developer: Fiddlesticks Games
RRP: £11.99
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 30 August 2016

In Hue, for the PS4, you play a little creature who receives a letter explaining that his mother had designed a ring which can make things invisible by creating and changing colours - a great advance in Hue’s monochromatic world. Whilst the ring was in use, Hue's mother was betrayed and the ring shattered leaving her one particular colour, which no one can see, rending her invisible. Obviously, your job is to collect the fragments of the ring and rescue the invisible mother, but her partner Dr Grey is on your tail trying to foil your quest...

Hue is a side scrolling puzzle adventure, developed by Fiddlesticks Games and published by Curve Digital, in which you traverse the screen by changing the colour of the background, via a radial wheel, which makes objects in the foreground disappear allowing you to progress.

Review imageSo, blue will temporarily remove blue objects, the same goes for purple and the other colours which you add to your colour wheel. The removal can create platforms for you to cross, reveal hidden passages and often Hue will be required to cycle between various colours, more than once to complete a given room.

Many things within the game are colour coded from platforms to enemies. Along the way you’ll find more letters which expand the background story, you don’t really need these but they do show off the games superb voice acting. The game also sports a perfectly atmospheric music score, possibly a little repetitive at times, but always evocative.

The basics of the game would seem to be an easy idea, but often the construction of the puzzles will push you to the limit. As well as the colour aspect the game also provides blocks which can be pushed and pulled. If you find that you cannot solve the puzzle the game allows you to return to the beginning to have another go.

Review imageThe game provides a progression of difficulty, but there is less here to challenge a hard core gamer. The mechanics of the game are pretty traditional, but the addition of the colour wheel gives the game its own identity.

Fiddlesticks Games has produced something which is atmospheric enough, with an unravelling plot which is ideal to pick up on a rainy Saturday afternoon, to while a little time away.


Charles Packer

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