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Xbox One Game Review

Super Dungeon Bros


Format: Xbox One
Publisher: Wired Productions
Developer: Wired Productions
RRP: £15.99
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Age Restrictions: 7+
Release Date: 01 November 2016

Embark on a quest from the gods of rock with heavy metal heroes Axl, Lars, Freddie and Ozzie in Super Dungeon Bros, a fast paced, action focused, rock themed dungeon brawler! Play on your own or with up to 3 friends in 2-4 player local or online co-op as you raid the deepest dungeons of Rökheim in search of epic loot, hordes of evil undead and the legends of long lost fabled rock stars! Wield wicked weapons with devastating destruction or exploit the punishing puzzles and terrifying traps that will slice and dice foes and bros alike. Fling your friends onto far off ledges and distant trap triggers, hurl your bros at advancing attackers or unleash your tag team tactics with the ultimate bro-op offensive! If really you’re up for the challenge, test your heavy metal in the deadly daily dungeon or master the way of the wicked weekly dungeon and climb to the peak of the global leaderboards.Just remember, always put your BrosB4Foes...!

Review imageI was a little confused by this release. We were originally sent a press release stating that the game would be release on 01 November with a retail price of £14.99. However, Xbox's Games with Gold had this as November's free game. What happened there then?

Then when I started playing, I understood. This is a retro budget game you'd expect to pay £5 to download. £15 is incredibly steep, especially when there's a strong chance that you'll be bored of it after half an hour. But then there's additional content that is thrust upon you with an additional price tag.

Review imageThe game is pretty much unplayable in the single player mode - as the level of difficulty ramps up rather quickly, to the point that you'll need at least two other team mates to battle through in one piece. The loading times between levels is also a little on the long side - which seems so odd for such a basic looking game.

It's a shame because there's some neat ideas and the game is incredibly fun once you get into it. It owes a lot to classic arcade games like Gauntlet, but it just never manages to capture the same level of addictiveness. More effort should have been put into the single player mode, as it's pretty much unplayable after a certain level. The fun to be had here is in multiplayer mode and you're best off playing with people you actually know rather than strangers across the Internet.


Nick Smithson

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