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The Hallow
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: James Gosling
Label: ScreamWorks Records
Release Date: 05 February 2016

James Gosling's score for The Hallow is released through ScreamWorks Records. The film tells the tale of a family who move into a remote mill house and unwittingly find themselves in a fight for survival after they discover demonic creatures living in the forest...

The score for The Hallow contains 17 tracks (59 min, 07 sec). For the most part it's your pretty standard horror score full of atmospheric music cues and the cliched jumpy moments designed to make shock the audience. If you're a fan of these type of scores, then you'll find much ambient material here to enjoy.

I was reminded, on a number of occasions of Alan Silvestri's score for Predator - brief segments in 'The Snatch' and 'Rescue and Changeling' being the most notable examples.

Personal highlights include this album's most beautiful track 'Claire'; the hypnotic theme at the heart of 'Transformation'; and the atmospheric build in 'Finale'. In addition, for some reason I found the steam whistle sound in 'Fleeing Creatures' to be an interesting touch. The odd vocal track 'Woods', which closes the album, was not a pleasant experience. Out of tune, this was one track that I could have done without.

Personally, as technically impressive as this album is, it's not the sort of score I'd listen to for entertainment.


Darren Rea

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