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Composer: Acoustic Labs
Label: Acoustic Labs
Release Date: 12 August 2016

Acoustic Labs, formed by composer, producer and instrumentalist GC Johnson, release's its new album Majestik. This LP is comprised of evocative, movielike music and soothing instrumental guitar sounds and exotic orchestra sounds meant to create a cinematic experience for the listener...

I really enjoyed Majestik. Acoustic Labs do a wonderful job of releasing an album that feels partly like a concept LP and partly like a beautiful soundtrack to a game.

Discussing the album, Acoustic Labs's GC Johnson said: "Each track is meant to evoke a key, filmic scene, albeit an imaginary one, and I wanted to traverse a spectrum of film genres as the album progressed. For instance, in the track ‘Hallowed Be Thy Love’ I was imagining a sequence about a pair of lovers whose connection is forbidden, and may eventually lead to their doom, so there’s emotions of closeness and tension throughout. In the track ‘Codex Transformata,’ I had in mind a deep inner journey like the beautiful arch of discovery and breakthrough that characters like Will Hunting (Good Will Hunting) and Joy (Inside Out) go through. These tracks are contained vignettes in that sense, in other words there are no repeating melodies, and I hope people will come across the emotions I find most memorable in film, which are discovery, intrigue, intensity, and most resonating for me, delight."

While it's not essential for the listener to be aware of what Johnson had in mind - you can conjure up your own scenarios as the music is wonderfully subjective - it does help to take a look into how he approaches certain subjects.

The album contains 10 tracks (45 min, 31 sec) with 'Never Beyond Hope' being this album's standout track - a beautiful, slow build which burst forth with emotional energy.

There's an interesting and varied mix of styles and themes here. And this, if for no other reason, is why you should really add this to your list of albums to buy.


Darren Rea

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