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Christmas All Over Again
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Artists: Various
Label: Lakeshore Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 11 November 2016

Lakeshore Records release the various artists soundtrack for Christmas All Over Again. All Eddie Kirkpatrick wants for Christmas is a pair of Breezy 3000s, the hottest new shoes which will make him the envy of his friends. Unfortunately, on Christmas Day, Eddie finds no presents under the family tree, let alone the Breezy 3000s.  Eddie’s older brother is getting married and the family is so focused on the wedding they have forgotten Christmas. Eddie heads into town, where he notices a mysterious new shoe store.  He meets the store owner who grants Eddie one wish; Eddie’s wish is to have HIS Christmas back. The wish is granted... but at a price. He will live the same Christmas day, over and over again, until he learns the true meaning of Christmas...

I don't know what it is about Christmas related albums, but I can't resist them - even the naff ones. For Christmas All Over Again, the filmmakers have put together an eclectic range of festive tracks, as well as instrumental music cues composed by different artists.

The album contains 20 tracks (35 min, 06 sec) and acts as the perfect musical souvenir of the movie as well as acting as an interesting Christmas album in its own right. It's always interesting to hear carols and familiar Christmas songs performed with a new twist and this album delivers plenty to keep you entertained over the Christmas period.

Track listing:

01. 'Magical Christmas' - Brian Jackson Harris
02. 'Carol Of The Bells' - Julian Angel
03. 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy' - Gavin Atkins and Terrence Atkins
04. 'Jingle Bells Punk' - Electroillusion
05. 'Pachelbel's Canon' - Damon Criswell
06. 'Trepak Russian Dance Willie' - William Powell
07. 'Silent Night' - Sophia Avocado
08. 'Christmas Wrap (feat Keenan The First)' - Electroillusion
09. 'Magical Talk With Elf' - Brian Jackson Harris and Michael Wickstrom
10. 'Spell Is Cast' - Brian Jackson Harris
11. 'Something Strange Is Going On' - Brian Jackson Harris
12. 'Wonderland' - Harris Wickstrom Atkins and Atkins
13. 'Good Times' - Harris Wickstrom Atkins and Atkins
14. 'Eddie Outside Alone' - Harris Wickstrom Atkins and Atkins
16. 'Leafs' - Alexander Orest
17. 'Christmas Time' - Damon Criswell and Brian Jackson Harris
18. 'Jingle Bells' - John Swanson
19. 'Happiness' - Sophia Avocado
20. 'Hark The Herald Angels Sing' - Elizabeth Lachmar and Larry Magee


Darren Rea

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