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iPhone 7 Case
Defence Gear


Manufacturer: X-Doria
RRP: £24.99
6 950941 449410
Item Number: 3X170305A
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Having forked out a considerable amount of money on your shiny new iPhone 7 it only makes sense to look around and see how you can protect you investment. One of the more common problems with phones is that they really don’t bounce too well and dropping your phone has a high chance of wrecking it completely. X-Doria produces a range of cases for the iPhone to address just this issue.

The dropshield shock goes a long way to protecting the phone. The overall case is made of metal, the fit was snug and there are holes for the camera and the ringer mute button. More of the buttons are hidden beneath the case, with rubberised depressible external buttons.

The case adds only around 2.0 ounces to the weight and adds 1.5 mm around the phone. The case is made from military grade drop resistant metal and the manufacturer claim that it should protect your phone from a two metre drop. The case is attractively styled with a brushed metal back plate which is used to deflect impacts.

Inside the case the edges are lined with a shock-absorbing polymer and the back sports a hard polycarbonate shield. At the base there is an opening for the power cable and a rather nifty addition of vents which direct the phones audio forward. The build is good and the overall effect is attractive.

In practice the case doesn’t protect the phone screen from any pointed impacts to it, which would have made the touch screen problematic to use, but the raised edge should protect it well from any flat impacts.

I used the case for a while and didn’t detect any interference with the phones normal operation; I even dropped the thing, obviously with my eyes closed, and thankfully the phone survived the fall.


Charles Packer

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