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Star Wars
BB-8 Chopping Board


Manufacturer: Underground Toys
RRP: £12.99
8 82041 03419 6
Item number: SW03419BB-8
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This sturdy Star Wars themed BB-8 chopping board is manufactured from tempered glass. Measuring 30 x 23 cm it's the perfect piece of kitchen hardware for the Star Wars obsessed fan in your life...

Underground Toys produce a range of glass chopping boards shaped into a number of different Star Wars themed shapes. The range includes The Death Star; The Millennium Falcon; R2-D2; Han Solo frozen in carbonite; Darth Vader; and BB-8. It's interesting that the majority of the boards feature images and designs from the original Star Wars trilogy. The only exception being this BB-8 droid shaped cutting board.

The first thing to note is just heavy they are. I'm used to using plastic chopping boards, so straight away, this item feels like a high quality product. It's also incredibly well detailed, with a photo real image encased within the glass.

While I'm more an old school Star Wars fan, and would have probably opted for the Millennium Falcon board, this BB-8 board is perfect for those that have come to Star Wars with the new movies.


Darren Rea

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