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Spandex and the City


Author: Jenny T. Colgan
Publisher: Orbit
RRP: £8.99
ISBN: 978 0 356 50544 2
Publication Date: 18 May 2017

Ever wondered what life would be like for a superhero’s love interest, well apparently so did Jenny T. Colgan, who explores this idea in her romantic comedy, Spandex and the City (2017. 355 pages). She has good genre credentials, having penned, amongst other novels, three Doctor Who stories, Doctor Who: Dark Horizons (2012), Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere (2014) and Doctor Who: In the Blood (2016).

The book follows Holly, who works at the mayor’s office and is currently single. I’ve got to be honest during the initial fifth of the book; I’m thinking I’m probably the wrong sex to read the book as a lot of the cultural reference went straight over my head.

Holly moves through her city, loveless and a little lonely. Having decided to go to a nightclub, she has the unfortunate experience of being there when it is robbed by the book's villain, Frederick Cecil. Her reaction to the demand that one of her friends hands over a ring, shows our heroine is plucky and strong spirited, although these qualities nearly get her killed, that is until Ultimate Man turns up and saves the day.

The story then follow two intertwining threads, the first is the growing relationship between Ultimate Man, who is himself a little sad and lonely and the machinations of Fredrick Cecil.

Structurally the narrative follows familiar ground, Cecil provides the villain, which allows for a number of action sequences wherein either Holly or Ultimate Man try to foil his nefarious schemes. The second thread is the growing together of two lonely people and their attempts to overcome the differences which separate them.

The story is told with a charming wit and real sincerity and overall the book remained amusing throughout. The cultural references which passed me by didn’t really diminish my overall enjoyment of the novel. There is nothing deep and meaningful here, but it’s a pleasant way to while away a few hours.


Charles Packer

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