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Xbox One Game Review

Raiders of the Broken Planet
Wardog Fury Campaign


Format: Xbox One
Publisher: Mercury Steam Entertainment
Developer: Mercury Steam Entertainment
RRP: £9.99
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Age Restrictions: 16+
Release Date: 30 January 2017

Harec wants Loaht to join his Raiders but the Wardogs are out for his blood. Wardog leader General Marmalade wants all the Aleph and Loaht is a loose end. Loaht’s fury could win the war but who will get to him first...?

Wardog Fury is a premium campaign for Raiders of the Broken Planet; a new adventure including 4 challenging 4 vs 1 missions.

Review imagePlay your favourite Raider. Choose Harec, Konstantin, Alicia or Lycus. Hire other Raiders, like Hans or Ginebra then customize them with Character or Faction cards you earn and make them your own. Or infiltrate matches as the Antagonist, swap sides and join the enemy preventing the Raiders from achieving their mission.

I'm still undecided on how I feel about Raiders of the Broken Planet. £10 doesn't sound like a lot to pay out, but these missions range from easy to next to impossible to complete and when you've done them once... well, I didn't get the same replay value as I would from a game like Call of Duty, where it's fun to play the same maps over and over again online.

The story is generally engaging, with the humour showing through in the cut sequences. Personally I think the game would have worked better and have been more enjoyable if all the missions had been released at the same time. This releasing episodically didn't really work for me. It seems to work with other games quite well but with Raiders of the Broken Planet part of the fun, and what shakes it up, online is the ability to enter into a random mission. When there aren't that many to begin with and they're slowly being rolled out, it takes away a little of the replay value.

Review imageYou'll need to play each level once just to work out which character is best to complete the mission. Sadly, the "skip" feature still takes an age to engage. There's no "replay mission" option, so you end up having to go back to the main menu and set up the game every time you want to retry a level.

I'm sticking with it, though, as the characters and storyline are entertaining. If the mechanics could be a little smoother then it would be a much better gaming experience.


Darren Rea

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