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Lines to Infinity


Composers: Hans Bakker and Peter Greve
Conductor: Scott Perkins
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 13 January 2017

Peter Greve and Hans Bakker present a number of classical pieces on their new album Lines to Infinity, that revolves around emotive and dramatic scores for primarily piano and flute. The two composers hail from the Netherlands and share a knack for creating thoughtful contemporary chamber works that appeal to the listener’s imagination...

Hans Bakker contributes three works to this album. Leys For Flute Solo uses the phenomenon of ley lines for its hymn-like cascading melody. Next up is Easy Piece - Petite Pièce for Violoncello and Piano and the three movement Trio For Flute, Oboe, and Clarinet,

Peter Greve's Sonata for Flute and Piano is a modal piece that was written in 2005 but has roots in the 1950s, when Greve observed Turkish folk music on a trip through the country. Greve’s second composition, Dialogues for Narrator, Flute, Cello, and Piano, centres around the idea of human communication, specifically between lovers in a relationship. The two lovers are represented by flute & cello collectively, while the piano represents the various friends & family who are amidst the peripheral of the lovers’ relationship.

The album contains 8 tracks (35 min, 20 sec) of interesting compositions some of which explore subjects (like ley lines) whilst others (like Sonata for Flute and Piano) explore the human condition.

It's an intricate and beautiful album with plenty of highlights which will please lovers of classical music.

Track listing:

01 - Leys/ Krachtlijnen for flute solo  (Hans Bakker)
Cora Greevenbosch (flute)

02 - Easy Piece - Petite Pièce for violoncello and piano (Hans Bakker)
Ludmila Bubeníčková (cello)  Lucie Kaucká (piano)

Sonata for flute and piano (Peter Greve)
Petr Hladík (flute) Lucie Kaucká (piano)
03 - Vivace
04 - Larghetto – Presto – Tempo I
5 - Aksak: Allegro molto (alla Turca)

Trio for flute, oboe and clarinet  (Hans Bakker)
Markéta Soldánová (flute) Aleš Janeček (clarinet)
Gabriela Kummerová (oboe)
6 - Allegretto
7 - Adagio
8 - Moderato

“Dialogues” for flute, cello and piano  (Peter Greve)
Markéta Soldánová (flute)  Petr Nouzovský (violoncello)
Lucie Kaucká (piano)
9 - Discussion: Moderato
10 - Dispute: Vehemente
11 - Reflection: Adagio tranquillo (Jorge Bucaj narrator)
12 - Celebration: Allegro energico – Moderato
(Tempo of 1st movement)


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