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Small Storms
A Collection of Short Pieces by Bohuslav Martinů


Composer: Bohuslav Martinů
Performed by: Meredith Blecha-Wells (cello) and Sun Min Kim (piano)
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 14 April 2017

Like many European composers of the time, Bohuslav Martinů (1890-1959) was nomadic. But while most of these artists’ music changed drastically based on their location, Martinů’s compositional style consistently referenced the culture of his Czech heritage. Small Storms contains Martinů’s duos for cello and piano from the latter half of his life...

Small Storms collects together a number of short pieces for cello and piano by Bohuslav Martinů. The themes come from genres originating in the nineteenth century, and, in some cases, even earlier. The album sees the pairing of Meredith Blecha-Wells (cello) and Sun Min Kim (piano) who compliment each other incredibly well.

The album contains 31 tracks (58 min, 36 sec) and to be honest it wasn't an album I took to from the start. In fact it was only by around the fifth or sixth play through that I started to appreciate its subtleties and gradually warmed to it. It is a beautiful album, but a hell of a slow boiler.

This is a classical album for people who truly love discovering new and intricate classical pieces.

Track listing:

Variations on a Theme of Rossini, H. 290
01 Theme: Poco Allegro - Allegro Moderato
02 Variation I: Poco Allegro
03 Variation II: Poco Piu Allegro
04 Variation III: Andante
05 Variation IV: Allegro
06 Theme: Vivo Moderato Maestoso

07 Ariette for Cello and Piano, H. 188b

Seven Arabesques for Cello and Piano, H. 201
08 Poco allegro
09 Moderato
10 Andante moderato
11 Allegro
12 Adagio
13 Allegretto
14 Allegretto moderato

Suite Miniature for Cello and Piano, H. 192
15 Moderato
16 Poco Andante
17 Poco Moderato
18 Andante
19 Poco Allegro
20 Allegretto
21 Moderato

Nocturnes for Cello and Piano, H. 189
22 Andantino Moderato
23 Lento
24 Moderato
25 Allegretto Moderato

Variations on a Slovakian Theme, H. 378
26 Theme: Poco Andante, Rubato
27 Variation I: Moderato
28 Variation II: Poco Allegro
29 Variation III: Moderato
30 Variation IV: Scherzo, Allegretto
31 Variation V: Allegro


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