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Bobbi Jene
Original Motion Picture Score (EP)


Composer: Uno Helmersson
Label: MovieScore Media
Release Date: 15 September 2017

MovieScore Media also releases a digital EP for the documentary Bobbi Jene. Directed by Elvira Lind, the film tells the story of dancer Bobbi Jene Smith. By portraying the dilemmas and inevitable consequences of ambition, the picture deals with a woman's fight for independence, a woman trying to succeed in the extremely competitive world of dance...

Uno Helmersson delivers a short (4 tracks - 10 mins) but very sweet EP for Bobbi Jene. Disappointingly, given it's short runtime, there's a few too many segments that include atmospheric tracks that go nowhere. On a longer album these could be overlooked, but here they are quite obvious. The close of 'Dancing Together' is probably the worst culprit here.

It's a pleasant enough score, but if you want to hear Helmersson at his finest you should pick up a copy of his soundtrack to The Lion Woman.


Darren Rea

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