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Composer: Sean Baker
Label: Retropolis Records
Release Date: 13 October 2017

Sean Baker's original electronic score for Decay is an interesting listen which has much to recommend it. If you're a lover of John Carpenter's compositions (sadly, I'm not - but I appreciate why fans love his work) then you'll really get a kick out of what Baker delivers here.

I was reminded also on occasion of Jeff McCulloch and Mark Ayres's work on Doctor Who in the '80s/'90s. It's the inventiveness and use of the music to instantly conjure up images in your imagination that won me over. Tracks like 'Party Time' will have you smiling (if you're of a certain age) as it really brings forth images of '80s infomercials and training videos.

The album contains 28 tracks (25 min, 51 sec) and opens with 'Theme for the Zombies', which is echoed, subtly throughout the score. Tracks like 'Theme for Humans' show Baker's skill at composing beautiful, memorable segments of music. In fact, this track reminded me of the early work of John Barry.

While it's not a score I'd normally listen to for pleasure, technically I can appreciate the skill on display here (and there is plenty) and I'm looking forward to seeing how Baker's career evolves. It's clear he has a raw talent and knack for conjuring up themes that stick with you.


Darren Rea

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