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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Bear McCreary
Label: Lakeshore Records / Sparks & Shadows
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 13 October 2017

Lakeshore Records and Sparks & Shadows release the Revolt original motion picture soundtrack. The album features the score by Emmy® Award-Winning Composer Bear McCreary. Set in the war-ravaged African countryside, an American soldier and a French foreign aid worker team up to survive the alien onslaught. As they journey through the battlefield in search of refuge, their bond will be tested when the soldier discovers his true identity...

Bear McCreary's score for Revolt delivers an impressive and memorable main theme, but little else worthy of note. It's not a bad score by any stretch of the imagination, just not one that really works as a standalone score.

The album contains 14 tracks (51 min, 47 sec) of what is best described as ambient background music cues. Nothing wrong with that but it's not an album that you can comfortably listen to. It's more a score that you can put on in the background as you play a game or do some other task.

The only track I thought noteworthy was 'Theme from Revolt' which is engaging and has an industrial rock twist, which is unusual. Probably one left heard in the movie only.


Darren Rea

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