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Dino Case


Manufacturer: Suck UK
RRP: £19.99

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Ages: 4+
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ROAR! Never fear, this T-Rex isn't here to eat you for lunch, it's here to bring you your munch! Introducing the Dinosaur Lunch Box... Protect your packed lunch with this fearsome dinosaur, for a pre-historic lover - this is historic inspired lunch box even comes with a little extra crunch! Simply open its jaws and risk your own hand to dive in for a helping of food - from apples and oranges, to sandwiches and a drink, these giant jaws will contain any snack you pack...

Now here's something cool for the dinosaur nut in your life. My dream is to one day own a dinosaur park - but keep guests out so I can have them all to myself - so I'm probably the perfect person to review this... well, me or a nine year old.

First thing to note is not only how strong the plastic is, but also what excellent attention to detail there is. The entire head has a scaly finish to it and the paint job is pretty impressive. In addition the eyes and teeth are painted with gloss paint, so the teeth really catch the light, but more scary is the fact that the eyes are almost lifelike when the light reflects off the blacks of the pupils.

There's a handy carry strap which acts to keep the jaws shut, but makes it look like a muzzle to stop the dinosaur from attacking any unsuspecting passersby.

As far as using it as a lunchbox... well, that sort of works as long as you're not storing anything that requires an airtight container, as there's a gap at the back of the head, and I doubt the closed mouth is airtight anyway. It's probably best employed as a carry case for your little one to take a few overnight toys when they're off to visit grandma or at a sleep over at their friends

It's something a little different for that dinosaur fanatic in your life. But look around online as a lot of stores are selling it at well over the RRP. At the time of writing this review, Prezzybox was the cheapest.

Technical info:

Dimensions - 19.0cm x 49.0cm x 42.0cm


Darren Rea

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