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The LEGO Movie 2
Awesome Heroes


Author: Rosie Peet
Publisher: DK
52 pages
RRP: £4.99
ISBN: 978 0 24136 049 1
Publication Date: 24 December 2018

Meet the brave heroes of Apocalypseburg. Learn how they fight the Giant DUPLO aliens. Discover what happens when they blast off to explore the Systar System...

Awesome Heroes is part of DK’s reading programme, available in four levels to help every child progress and become a confident reader. Aimed at children aged 6+ (level 2) Awesome Heroes features age appropriate vocabulary and repetition to engage young fans and build their literary skills. Join Emmet, Lucy, Batman and Unikitty on their new adventures, with exciting images, clear sentences and a fun quiz to help build confidence and develop comprehension skills.

This is the perfect way to help your 6+ year-old gain a little more confidence with their reading.

For parents struggling to get their young ones to engage in reading, The LEGO Movie 2 range of books is a perfect way to get them started. If your little one has seen the movie then the images here (and general story) will be sure to hold their attention.

It's another interesting, and invaluable book that no parents should be without. If your little ones have seen the new The LEGO Movie 2 then this is pretty much an essential purchase if you want to help them gain a little extra reading practice.


Nick Smithson

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