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Tank Girl All Stars #1


Writer: Alan Martin
Artists: Brett Parson, Chris Wahl, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Jim Mahfood
Publisher: Titan Comics
RRP: UK £2.65, US $3.99
Age: Mature readers
32 pages
Publication Date: 20 June 2018

An anthology of stories from creators old and new, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Tank Girl! What will our heroine wear to the party at Daktari’s house? How can she and her gang prevent a zombie apocalypse? These, and a whole bunch of other tales, will be written by series co-creator Alan Martin, with artwork by a host of Tank Girl stalwarts, newbies and superstar guests, including current artist Brett Parson and friends from throughout Tank Girl’s chequered 30-year lifetime…!

The opening issue of this miniseries comprises a variety of content.

There are four pages of verse and wisdom, illustrated by Warwick Johnson-Cadwell – whose eccentrically proportioned figures lend themselves well to depicting an uncomfortable-looking game of Twister.

There’s a three-page text story, The Girl with the Golden Arse, with pictures by the only slightly less surreal Jim Mahfood – who draws an exceedingly good arse. We have come to expect a degree of sex and violence from this series, and this image takes care of the sex. Things aren’t looking good for Tank Girl in the story, however, so either it’s intended as an epilogue to her adventures, or it’s the first part of a serial – for her sake, let’s hope it’s the latter…

The best parts of the book are the comic strips. The first is Salon Tank Girl, a three-page funny drawn by Chris Wahl, who provides what is arguably the most realistic art in this issue. Like Mahfood, he does a very nice arse, albeit one clad in underwear this time. Paying light-hearted homage to the character’s long history, Tank Girl tries on – and rejects – some iconic outfits from earlier adventures, including the infamous rocket bra.

The main feature is Time For Tank Girl, a ten-page strip with art by series regular Brett Parson. In scenes reminiscent of tactical shooter video games, Tank Girl and her chums take on an army, before an even deadlier menace emerges from across the desert – a deranged mutant that’s impervious to bullets. That takes care of the violence. This strip is definitely the first part of a serial and will continue next issue in The Six Million Dollar Jet Girl.

Contrary to a promise made by Titan’s online synopsis, this issue does not “finally reveal the biggest secret in comic history – how Tank Girl got her tank – the origin story to end all origin stories!” Hopefully that delight is also still to come in a future issue of Tank Girl All Stars


Richard McGinlay

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