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Graphic Novel Review

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Cemetery Girl
Book Three: Haunted


Writers: Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden
Artist: Geraldo Borges
Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books
RRP: £16.99
Publication Date: 01 October 2018

Calexa Rose Dunhill, knows what it is to die, she has already done it once. Left for dead in a cemetery, she awakens with no memory of who she was and so no idea of who tried to kill her. Afraid of leaving the cemetery she remains there and discovers that she has the ability to see spirits. However, on the night she witnesses a murder, the outside world once again intrudes into her life bringing the old threat of death…

Cemetery Girl: Book Three: Haunted (2018. 120 pages) is the last in a trilogy of graphic novels written by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden. The graphic novel has art by Geraldo Borges, with colours by Morgan Hickman and Mohan. Lettering was provided by Tom Napolitano. I’m guessing that the copy I received was some sort of publicity version as it was a size which was only slightly larger than a paperback novel, making the text readable, but small. Either that or it is designed to be roughly the same size as a manga.

The overall art style was fine and was a good fit for the story. Most pages had five to six panels with a very traditional layout. You do get the odd full page illustration. The colours are, for the most part, quite muted, which is also in keeping with the tone of the piece.

This book is really about tying up plot points from the first two graphic novels and in some senses it does so in a bit of a rush. However, this does mean that the book keeps up the pace throughout.

I won’t spoil how it ends for fans of the series, but I did think it was a little clichéd, with a villain straight out of a fairy story providing a fairy story ending. Overall, the series has had an interesting and strong premise, with the addition of the supernatural elements adding an extra layer to play with and providing the reader with an empathic central character.


Charles Packer

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