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Sergio Moure de Oteyza’s
Film Music Works (2005-2017)


Composer: Sergio Moure de Oteyza
Label: Karonte Records
Release Date: 26 January 2018

Karonte Records has released a special collection celebrating the film music compositions of Sergio Moure de Oteyza (Extinction; Lobos Sucios - aka Dirty Wolves). Entitled Film Music Works, the double-album set features an extensive booklet containing an in-depth article about his career, written by David Rodríguez. The release is a celebration of the first 12 years of a composer who is currently one of Europe’s brightest rising stars...

Sergio Moure de Oteyza came to critics attention with his scores for both Extinction and Lobos Sucios (aka Dirty Wolves). Collected here, over 2 CDs (49 tracks - 2 hr, 2 min, 57 sec), are highlights of his works to date, between 2005 and 2017.

As with all albums of this nature, the tracks are subjective and don't necessarily showcase the composer's most interesting themes from each project. Personally, I would have chosen slightly different tracks for Extinction (While I agree with the choice of 'A New Home' I would have also included 'New World' and 'Lu's Birthday') but, as I mentioned, it's subjective. While I favour melancholic, beautiful themes that sweep over the listener, others may prefer more upbeat or action based music. Besides, from what I can guess from the press information we received, Oteyza was instrumental in choosing the tracks, so who am I to question the man himself?

What this album does is highlight the various intricate facets of Oteyza's style. He's not a composer I'm overly familiar with, but on the strength of this I'll be seeking out some of his previous work.

This recording includes a lot of music that has not been released before, including themes from the Here's the Deal (2013), and music from some shorts and documentaries like Railway to Heaven.

If you're a collector of scores then it's worth adding this to your music library, as it perfectly charts the fine beginnings of a composer who is destined for great things.

Track listing:

Disc 1

01 - Yew Forest ("Dirty Wolves")
02 - Candela Death ("Dirty Wolves")
03 - The Plot ("Dirty Wolves")
04 - Manuela ("Dirty Wolves")
05 - Welcome To Harmony ("Extinction")
06 - The Farewell ("Extinction")
07 - The Siege ("Extinction")
08 - A New Home ("Extinction")
09 - Somos Gente Honrada ("Somos Gente Honrada")
10 - Perdóname ("Somos Gente Honrada")
11 - Inicio ("Tesis Sobre un Homicidio")
12 - Destrucción ("Tesis Sobre un Homicidio")
13 - Laura ("Tesis Sobre un Homicidio")
14 - El Cuerpo ("El Cuerpo")
15 - Tienes Que Ayudarme ("El Cuerpo")
16 - Todo Lo Malo ("El Cuerpo")
17 - Final ("El Cuerpo")
18 - Gaze Of The Stones ("El Cuerpo")
19 - Todo Es Silencio ("Todo Es Silencio")
20 - Ida y Regreso de Fins Malpica ("Todo Es Silencio")
21 - En el Embarcadero ("Todo Es Silencio")
22 - Títulos ("Retornos")
23 - Accidente ("Retornos")
24 - Velatorio ("Retornos")
25 - Viaje ("Retornos")
26 - Despedida ("Retornos")

Disc 2

01 - Lobos de Arga ("Lobos de Arga")
02 - La Maldición ("Lobos de Arga")
03 - La Segunda Maldición ("Lobos de Arga")
04 - La Madre ("Secuestrados")
05 - La Huida ("Secuestrados")
06 - Nuestra Casa ("Secuestrados")
07 - Un Buen Hombre ("Un Buen Hombre")
08 - No Te Lo Puedo Decir ("Un Buen Hombre")
09 - Llueve ("Un Buen Hombre")
10 - Introducción ("Inconscientes")
11 - Vals de los Disfraces ("Inconscientes")
12 - Nos Espera una Nueva Vida ("Inconscientes")
13 - Tango Inconscientes ("Inconscientes")
14 - Créditos ("Mayon Volcano")
15 - Erupción ("Mayon Volcano")
16 - Celebración ("Mayon Volcano")
17 - Por la Mañana ("Mayon Volcano")
18 - Time Rojak ("Time Rojak")
19 - La Batalla Desconocida ("La Batalla Desconocida")
20 - Railway To Heaven ("Railway To Heaven")
21 - Tibet ("Railway To Heaven")
22 - Iguana Hunter ("Iguana Hunter")
23 - Absent ("Absent")


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